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ima Jake & Jason Feed our Children is an initiative started by Jason Harrison and Jakob Rodgers in 2005, after Jason watched a touching documentary on starving kids. In Feb. 2005 they challenged their church congregation to "give up buying a cup of coffee each day for the Lenten Period (40 days) and donate it to help kids that not even have clean water to drink".

They raised $200.00 which was sent to World Vision. They continue to challenge their church family and friends for the following four years raising almost $1950.00 for their initiative. read more

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Every day, 1 child dies every 3.5 seconds, approximately 25,000 per day! Of this amount, almost 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes which is one child every five seconds. The term "Children" in this statistics means infants under the age of 5. The tragedy is even worse if older children are considered. read more


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